How Data Analytics And Dashboard Enhance The Hospitality Industry

How Data Analytics And Dashboard Enhance The Hospitality Industry

Managing a hotel or a restaurant is a more fast-paced task than ever, and now the dashboards provide business user-friendly, powerful analytics. Today the dashboard is one of the powerful tools to enhance the various industry and it is easiest to use features and effective decision-making platform for the hospitality industry. Using key performance indicators (KPIs), the hospitality industry can easily able to analyze the success of a project, a department, or the entire organization. This article will explore the more facts about hotel and restaurant management and how to tackle various problems caused by it.

Reservation Analysis

There is a tremendous amount of data in hospitality department that turns your data into actionable insight, in real time. Through the dashboard you can analyze reservations vs. cancellations in one single dashboard; gaining insight of room cancellations that were charged a penalty; measuring the average reservation; you can drill down and visualize data to uncover factors and trends relating to cancellations and identifying the lacking or vulnerabilities in the hotel reservation policies.

Maintenance Analysis

The maintenance manager can easily able to should focus his team’s efforts on specific areas of the hotel. Also, the manager can able to rectify easily what working and what’s not working in a hotel, so they can easily able to obtain the level of customer satisfaction. Analysis helps them to keep all equipment in very good condition, also it helps to avoid the unnecessary damage and costs, without generating an excess of administrative work.

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Apart from reservation and maintenance analysis, the other significant factor that BI provides are,

  • Able to access data easily- The information from multiple branches can be collected and visualized at one place that allows everyone in the organization, including non-tech users, can easily comprehend the data and determine factors that drive daily activities.

  • Able to enhance the guest Experience- The most vital role of the hospitality industry is to satisfy the guest. By integrating with the business intelligence tools, you can able to identify the guest profiles, including itineraries, interests, and their preference. If you able to fulfil the customers need which in turn will increase customer loyalty and aid in building long-term relationships where this BI tool will provide a great assistance for it.

  • Decision making- Decision making is the most important aspect when you consider in the hospitality industry where the data analysis tool will help the readily available and understandable analytical data that allows hotel managers to make significant and knowledgeable business decisions rapidly and efficiently.

  • Inventory monitoring- when you are managing a hotel one of the most things you must consider is how many necessary items were in stock like a towel, shampoo, soap, etc., where this Business Intelligence tool is more beneficial when evaluating supplies, tracking spending, and developing strategies to reduce spending and impulse buying.

Competition is everywhere whereby aggregating the hotel management data from multiple properties in one application and dashboard, the higher management in your industry can gain the ability to integrate consumption data from various properties and get actionable insights for planning, strategy, costing, and decision-making and stand unique among the competitors.

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