Voice Based Business Analytics(BETA)

Artificial intelligence to analyze data with hands-free

Voice search is a function that allows users to search the data through spoken voice commands rather than typing. The new capability to interact with the data by simply using the voice are called voice driven analytics. Everyone can interact with data in a natural language with hands-free using artificial intelligence voice driven analytics. Not only does voice analytics translate speech to text, it can also convert result text to speech like Siri and Alexa.

How it works

We offer an alternative voice driven analytics instead of using fiddly keyboards. It automatically identify what is being said in voice and returns the results from millions of data of what you spoke in the form of charts, maps, etc.

Roosboard understands what you say, realizes what you mean, and even talks back.

how it work

What can Voice Analysis do for you?

Enabling voice recognition to text and Perform Complex Actions on the go.

Good voice recognition and Hands Free Search while driving.

Using voice, Roos display charts and numbers on the fly.

Direct phrase recognition approach to get more precise results.

Completely reduces the typing time and increase speed.

Highly reliable analytics that aid organizations to optimize their workforce.

It provide meaningful results promptly in a business intelligible format.