Responsive Dashboard

The data integration implies the business users to access, integrate, visualize and explore their large volume of database within few clicks. It gives perfect visualizing of your database records at one stop location. The analysis can be done easier by viewing at in dashboard and finally the reports has been can be shared for further interaction on inside or outside of the organization.

MySQL     SQL Server     Amazon Redshift     Microsoft Azure
Cloud SQL     Amazon AWS

Custom files(BETA)

Responsive Dashboard

Integrate your various custom files with dashboard and view your data in the form of charts, graph with our incredible dashboards to ensure and predict your business with powerful analysis. The business managers can track their data and find relevant information by our search option and the user can also view their reports in desired charts which make them easier to comprehend the current business status.

Microsoft Excel     Google Spreadsheet     CSV File

Social Media(BETA)

Responsive Dashboard

Social media is cost effective and powerful platforms to brand your business to all over the world. To monitor the branding details such as like, views, share, and all details regarding social media you can integrate with dashboard, it will keep you always updated information about your profile and business views. It’s perfect for any business managers to track analytics in one robust platform.

Linkedin     Facebook     Twitter     Youtube     Google Plus


Responsive Dashboard

Integrating data with Google products will bring all your data into a single report to deliver clear and concise information to update the current details so, you can start analyzing reports within a seconds. This dashboards can continuously update your business details and we can able to display it on large monitor or TV which might be useful to conduct meeting promptly to enhance the business metrics.

Google Analytics     Google Plus     Google Sheets     Google Calendar

Cloud Files(BETA)

Responsive Dashboard

Explore the cloud files by integrating with dashboard, it visualize all your required data that are stored in cloud such as drop box , Google drive ,etc. within few mouse clicks. Build dashboard with your data in cloud files and get insights with your team members to enhance your business to the next level.

Drop Box     Google Drive