Sales Dashboard

Empower Your Sales By Viewing In
Sales Dashboard

Sales dashboard gives performance report by showing data by region, salesperson and product type. A great holistic overviews about sales metrics such as current sales, tracking of present and future sale, to get focused on right goals in your business

Product Dashboard

Product Dashboard A Reliable Indicator Of Future Performance

Product Dashboard is designed to assist the business members about the return, risk level and also aid them to improve the product details quickly. The most beneficial fact of these dashboards here is to quickly add new data sources to enrich this information.

Order Dashboard

Prevent Your Risk Of Orders & Make Expedient Order Through Order Dashboard

Order dashboard is a quick overview of all current orders and assist you to view your business orders in a detailed way and also shows the summary of the request order and status. This dashboard provides the particular search order result to give visualization of records & reports in a faster & accurate way.

Financial Dashboard

Get Quick Reflect Of All Your Expenditures At Financial Dashboard

Finance dashboard gives the complete overview about business organization profitability and automated financial reports such as net profit, ratios, total sales, loss right at your finger tips .This dashboard is a excellent yardstick for displaying the ups and down of the company and to predict the future.

Executive Dashboard

An Effective Executive Dashboard Provides Intelligent Visualization Of Your Reports

The executive dashboard filter data as per your selection & gives results whenever you required. So that you will never get out of touch with your business. These executive dashboard shows required results quickly & accurately within a minute using simply search option, which make the user much easier to predict the results instead of going with deep analysis and report building.