Search Based Business Analytics for Humans

Take your analysis to the next level by search based data discovery and visualize data across multiple dimensions.
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No matter where your data exists, use instant search to fetch your results.


Seamlessly connect various data sources into one place.


Get a glance of your data in a single page.

Spot Your Business

Simply Search Dashboard

Guided Search Analytics

Search is a feature that predicts what you’re searching for and shows results as you type, the required results can be easily searched & examine via any device at anytime.

Voice Activated Analytics

Anyone can search their data without typing and discover insights through our voice search analytics.

Embedded Search Analytics

Add a powerful customized search engine, charts and dashboards into your own applications or website.

Mammoth Of Business Intelligence At
One Place

A powerful insights dashboard to bring enlighten to your business.


View your information in a more fresh and dynamic way by a slide show that showcases your data more distinctly.

Pre-built Widgets

The dashboard comes with a set of predefined widgets reports for each type of integrate with the user selection.

Real Time Updates

Refresh your dashboard or report at convenient time intervals, to have real-time statistics & makes easier to stay top on your business.


User interactive dashboard to visualize your data, filter on demand, and drill down to get deeper insights.

Early Detection

Get proactive alert when your business metrics reaches beyond the limit and passes to certain thresholds.

Secure To Use

Easy to share, secure to use and encryption technology keeps your information highly confidential.

Incredible Dashboard

Dashboard gives the bigger picture of visualization in measurable terms and have the ability to generate accurate and thorough reports on any facet of your business’s data

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Generally, humans don't have the intellectual ability to analyze numerous reports in short period of time. In such case, the dashboard provides significant benefits for the business managers to monitor business performance on a regular basis.

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