What’s The Difference Between Traditional BI & Self-service BI?

In today's business arena, the data is the significant one for every enterprise where the more and more data available to every organization that is increasingly competitive business landscape occurs, so it’s not surprising that the needs of business intelligence tools for every business tycoon. As every organization needs KPI dashboard tools to deliver the data in one universal picture and keep update the pace of ever changing data.

Surprisingly there are traditional and self-service analytics methods for business! So, Let see which method is best for business.

Self Service Business Intelligence (BI)

The self-service business intelligence is designed to adapt promptly and frequently to the changing business needs. As the name implies, the self-service analytics which can analyze the data through self-service without relying on others. One of the main benefits of using Self Service BI is to give users the data as they require to make informed business decisions instantly. The Self-service applications, such as Roosboard empower the end user to discover any data they have access to and easily create instant reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data. It does not require weekly or monthly to build reports where every user can simply search to build or extend their visual analysis.

The business users at different levels can analyze their real-time data without maintaining a spreadsheet or other docs and one of the main advantages of using the self-service BI is they don't need any coding skills and even the reports can be sliced & diced as required without the use of Excel Pivots. Search data analytics is playing a vital role in today's business operations which can be done easily in real-time through self-service analytics.

Fig. Self Service Analytics Process

The self-service analytics contains a rich interactive feature which makes data understandable even to ordinary people and gives better analytics for business without taking the huge amount of time. This type of business intelligence is web based and app based which is accessible through smartphones and tablets.

The Business Users has flexibility to experiment with different approaches in lesser time with self-service BI. The executives or business users there is no need to dependent on IT anymore to take important decision instead you can do everything in a self-service way.

Traditional Business Intelligence (BI)

Traditional business intelligence was based on Aggregations, Filters & Disk Space access, so inherent problem by these BI Tools are very old Architecture which leads to very complex and difficult set of technologies to support a very old Architecture. This analytics method were used in olden days to view the data, it is a slow and rigid process where it takes the huge amount of time for creating reports and also rely on IT to take an immediate decision. Only the technical person can easily able to understand and analyze about traditional BI.

With traditional BI tools, the interaction with data is only possible through reports and dashboards, this means the interaction must be predefined and the users can't freely explore the data.

Fig. Traditional BI Analytics Process

That is why more and more businesses are transitioning from these traditional, reactive systems to advanced analytics systems like search based analytics. Business users require simpler analytical tools to find insight and interact with the data where the self-service tools will be much more flexible and easy to use than compared to traditional BI.

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