Search Driven Analytics To Discover Data At The Speed Of Thought

Search Driven Analytics To Discover Data At The Speed Of Thought

The rapid advancement in technology makes a business folks to achieve their goal successfully. Unfortunately, many business executives don't find their time to analyze their business in and outs. The business goes down without knowing the data is out of date or inaccurate–resulting in misinformed decisions. The business analysis is the crucial aspect for every managers to run their company into a successful one which also provides a new opportunities for discovering hidden insights in your data. Data analytics refers to quantitative techniques and process used to enhance productivity and business gain. Do more with your Business by using Search-driven analytics.

Is it possible to analyze your data and get answered immediately?

Roosboard brings the power of advanced search-driven analytics to the business users who can’t able to access their data promptly, who don’t know what insights are available, and who can’t wait to find out. This packs a powerful approach to search and deliver data instantly using search-driven analytics and rich visualization technology.

What is search driven analytics?

The power of search to visualize the data instantly at the speed of thought are called search driven analytics. A relational search engine that provides desired data insight through search and gives predictive suggestions while you type. With search-based analytics the process of resulting information is at high speed, as immediate as possible. The entire self-service process is simplified or scaled down with the aid of search-driven analytics for better usability.

Search everywhere

The typical enterprise today using self-service search analytics which is used to empower business users to work with their relevant data independently without relying on IT or BI team. The big data, relational data, real-time data and historical data, etc. can be analyzed readily with search driven analytics because it deliver the data at speed never like before and it is a fertile environment for big data solutions to yield big payoffs in achieving business goal via search-based data analytics. The enterprise can effortlessly able to cut their reporting backlogs over 90% .Roosboard build the most advanced search-based analytics dashboard to access data and gain powerful insights even for non-technical users. New ways of exploring numerous data is now becoming a reality with the aid of search driven analytics platforms that are capable of handling extremely complex and varied data sets.

Intuitive visualization

The rich interactive visualization makes the analysis more intuitive such as retail, healthcare, educational, HR, finance etc. can integrate and visualize their desired data using search at one screen instead of switching to multiple screens. Track all of your business KPI with the dashboard and get meaningful picture of how your business performs. Simply search, analyze your data, save your precious time with agile dashboard and achieve your business strategic goals easily.

Benefits of search driven analytics

  • Relational search engine to analyze company data in seconds.
  • Extensive analysis and real-time reporting using search.
  • Reduce IT dependencies, and quickly deliver actionable information.
  • On-fly calculation with no programming.
  • Finds the search ed data and presents a visualization in a graphical way.
  • Comprehends user patterns in ways and gives autosuggestion while you type.
  • Anyone can use the power of search-driven to analyze data and create reports in seconds.
  • Save lots of time and aid in faster decision-making.

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