Is Mobile BI A Good Fit For Any Workforce?

Is Mobile BI A Good Fit For Any Workforce?

The world is evolving with the smartest technologies whether it is office, hospital, roads or just the home, the one that always accompanies us is our smart phone! You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Mobile BI. The Mobile devices have been working smarter for a business that delivers the right information at the right time to make an informed decision in business. Most of us check emails on mobiles, banking transactions, Recharges, do grocery shopping online through smart phones. In current era, the everyday activities shifted to mobile, so did our businesses. Let us get a quick view about mobile BI.

Why Mobile BI?

You've had probably hear more about the mobile BI. The Most of the business verticals were using mobile devices to be able to be connected everywhere at any time than using the pc or laptops. The mobile BI has been popular nowadays because so many business managers and CEO were comfort in quick business analysis and it has been grown substantially among all over the world. According to Gartner study, there is $16.9 Billion usage of mobile BI because the user can able to access information almost anywhere, at any time and take immediate action when they required.

Mobile BI Everywhere

Most industries, whether it is retail stores, educational, healthcare or HR every management can easily check stores, analyze details, place orders, and more. ALL business executive and senior managers can review information on mobile devices while on their way to meetings or in out of the station. So, the trend and technology of mobile BI are everywhere to reach the business success. Nowadays the BI users wish to access their business data on mobile devices. The benefits of mobile BI are great if there is a correct implementation.

Desktop BI vs. Mobile BI

The olden era most business users were using desktop BI application where now business users widely used to execute summary reports with drill-downs for executives and management with mobile BI. Even the inputs need are mobile-friendly so the users can easily analyze the data whenever they need and make changes to the visualizations on a smaller screen. Compared to the desktop applications the mobile applications are meant to enable workers in the field to create collaborate, alerts with the most look & feel functionality.

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Access to Real-time Data

This can give you real-time insights directly, and aid your business take advantage of opportunities you might never have noticed. The mobile BI platform with deeper insights and analysis capabilities will alert you instantly in wherever you are, It helps you to take action on time and get control of the business before it leads into a disaster.

Benefits of mobile business intelligence for various industries

Mobile business intelligence gives easy analysis environments for use on a mobile device.

  1. The Retail industry can easily check the Sales details, customer account details, inventory status, and product information on a client site.
  2. The Insurance industry can retrieve policy information details easily while conducting investigations and easy to identify frauds.
  3. The Banking sector can review financial metrics at their own convenience from any mobile device.
  4. The Healthcare organization also track numerous details for e.g. available patient records and discharged patient records on time.
  5. Even the Restaurant industry can easily able to track the most repeated customers and new customers to track the records.

The Mobile BI is a self-service finest and faster approach to get updated with business. Dashboards on mobile need to be very simple to visualize, easy to comprehend and allow drill down so most business folks can find the specific information they are looking for without any stress or struggle.

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