How Roosboard Search Feature Differ From General Search?

How Roosboard Search Differ From General Searches?

Search found everywhere, each type of search is differ from other searches. The search function in drive lets you search across all of your documents, folders, so that you can more quickly find files anywhere by searching with keywords instead of having a look on everywhere and WebPages search gives the results where it only searches directly linked Web pages. Faster search means more time saving, and improved productivity. Using search operators to filter the search result quickly and pull information relevant to analyze. Let see how the Roosboard search driven analytics differ from these general search.

General search

We can use search everyday on consumer websites like google, amazon, microsoft, twitter and these are called general type of searches.

Google Search

Google search engine is one of the powerful search to find the information you need when you browse the Web. When we want the desired answer, not billions of web pages, so Google ranking systems sort through the hundreds of billions of web pages in our Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second. Like all other search engine Google uses an algorithm to find the desired user search results.

Amazon Search

Almost everyone knows that the overwhelming majority (93%) of online experiences begin with a search engine where in Amazon 30% of all online shoppers start research products through search function. Its a normal search to find the desired products in front of the users quickly.

Facebook Search

Facebook is now will be able to search the days of your News Feed for status updates, photos, links, videos and notes being shared by your friends and the Facebook Pages of which you're a fan. Everyone can able to search for their status updates, links and notes, regardless of whether or not you are friends. These are general type of traditional method search used to bring the results in front of the user.

Roosboard Search

Finally, after a decade of unsuccessful and misguided approaches in the enterprise, search is making a comeback to drive a business towards a successful way. Its a search based analytics approach for humans to analyze the data more effectively as never like before. Unlike traditional methods the Roosboard self-service analytics approach provides a greater search experience for humans to analyze the data for the large or small scale enterprises rapidly.

How its differ from general search?

Many of the BI tool search pre-built reports and dashboards but the newest next generation roosboard search-driven analytics engine search through all the raw data, compute results, and also present charts and numbers based on those real-time calculations. This smart relational search engine provides immediate results and hide all such complexity away from the user where they easily search to build the chart and dashboard in a self-service way.

Most users don't have an idea how all their data relates to each other, or which schema represents the underlying tables, or which joins are needed to find an answer where the search driven analytics hide all the complexity from users and returns the search results promptly.

The business users can trust the BI solution that provide a great data analytics and instant report creation when compared with traditional analytics approach. This completely reduce the reports backlogs. By reading this you can clearly determine which search approach gives best meets of your business needs.

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