How Data Analysis Dashboard Streamline & Boost Your Business?

How Data Analysis Dashboard Streamline & Boost Your Business?

The data analysis dashboard is one of greatest innovation to the business world!

Taking an informed business decision needn’t be an admin nightmare. Gone are those eras of poring through endless tons of paperwork for the purpose of data analysis where now you can streamline your processes with data analysis dashboard and reporting, which integrates and provides greater business performance metrics for your business to track and achieve your goals.

So, What is Data Dashboard?

Data dashboard is an performance analysis tool that gives holistic visualization of an organization and key data points to monitor the health of a business, department or specific process at one place instead of switching between multiple screens. By using data visualization dashboard we can easily able to read, analyze, track the business KPI metrics promptly.

Now, the well-designed dashboards become more beneficial than the old-fashioned tabular reports which improve data discovery and aid users to better identify the true impact of their data.

"Get your business metrics at your finger tips"

Lets see few examples of dashboard for various industries and how beneficial it is.

Marketing Dashboard

A marketing data dashboard is a platform where that gathers all of your Key performance indicators and critical metrics into an artfully designed and intuitive visualize with information streams updated in real-time. In olden days or traditionally, marketing decision makers or executives tend to get bogged down in spreadsheets or paper work and emails about recent market research but now the marketing data dashboard take all that away and brings with new business intelligence dashboard visualisations that are more easy to comprehend the information at a glance and updated instantly.

By using this dashboard

  • Get better business ideas.
  • Ability to Demonstrate Effectiveness & ROI.
  • Improved Sales & Demand Generation.
  • Track KPIs in Real Time.
  • Customized Data Reports.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive dashboards, also known as strategic dashboards, that provides graphical display of real-time data in a most understandable way. This dashboard allows the executives to get a more comprehensive picture view of the enterprises against critical metrics, identify opportunities for expansion, and to see where enhancement are needed for business.

With the assistance of executive dashboard,

  • Judge Performance Against Your Plan.
  • Employee Performance Improvements.
  • Continually identify operational efficiencies.
  • Proactively identify and apply corrective measures.
  • Increase in bottom line revenue.

Operational Dashboard

The Operational dashboards visualize the Key performance indicators that provides business decision makers to find the emerging patterns and trends mined from past and present datasets, and eradicate inefficiencies and redundancies across the enterprise.

By using operation dashboard

  • Effectively manage rapidly changing performance metrics.
  • Provide root cause analysis of issues.
  • Help to manage rapidly changing performance metrics.
  • Visualize overall state of operation in one single screen.
  • Manage activity and processes so they stay under acceptable limits.

Sales Dashboard

A sales dashboard will turn the complicated numbers and value into informative graphs, charts and actionable metrics in one dashboard where this gives quick overview of a company’s performance sales and profit comparison in real-time.

Easily compare the monthly sales KPIs with previous month’s results to see whether your sales performance is increasing or declining and find the root cause for the problems easily.

Sales dashboard provides

  • Track conversion rates, lost sales, bottlenecks, and other issues.
  • Motivate employees to boost sales.
  • Save hours, and make top management more comfortable.
  • Make everyone focused on the work.
  • Easy understand of sales metrics with one single go.

HR Dashboard

HR Dashboards work and gives more beneficial in concert with the centralized database of a total workforce management solution, where it visualize the real-time data to help executives and HR professionals to monitor key metrics and identify the trends without running reports or shifting through paperwork.

By using HR dashboard,

  • Easily monitor employee activity.
  • Analyze Headcount growth easily.
  • Compare the Expenses between previous and current year.
  • All Workforce Management Data in One Place.
  • Automated Reporting.

Beneficial facts of All-in-All Dashboard

Now you can easily understand the most beneficial fact about of how data dashboards are convenient for the business and how it develops a strong team approach to the business.

Intuitive Data Presentation

The data can be easy to read, one page summary of the analysis of the information where the business decision makers don't need to depend for comprehensive report analysis. Dashboards are designed to be intuitive to any user to analyze the business performance at one place. The graphic data analysis through dashboard allows an easy and smooth navigation throughout the information.

Performance Check and Balancing

The other beneficial facts of this dashboard is, it can be monitored up-to-data, as the their employers don’t have to wait months to detect performance issues as they can quick analyze in real-time and prevent from risk before it gets into severe. Also, the results of the KPI are not improving, the dashboard will visually alert employees that changes must be made. It will then be possible to analyze and predict what could have caused the shortcoming and make the staff to quickly remedy the situation.

Track Problem Areas

The dashboard gives a better way to tackle the key problem areas in a transparent way. Transparency in turnover rates per manager will encourage them to pay closer attention in business .By tracking root problematic areas, they can leverage its position to drive improvements.

Easy to Read and Collaborate

The Dashboards display KPIs and metrics using graphical visualizations like tables, line charts, bar charts ,dot charts and pie charts . Effective dashboard design gives the highlight of colours, symbols and visualizations to identify easily on important data points and also allows you to share and collaborate with your teams to get alluring interactive ideas to the business.

Are you get ready to started your dashboard?

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