History Of Business Intelligence To Be Evolved From Then & Now

History Of Business Intelligence To Be Evolved From Then & Now

Now the Business intelligence is evolving in every country and from industry throughout the world but in olden times most of the business people were find very difficult to analyze data. Let’s rewind and go back to olden times on how business intelligence has been evolved from then to now. According to the History of Business Intelligence, the term “Business Intelligence” first appeared in Richard Millar Devens’ Cyclopaedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes in the year of 1865. After that Sir Henry Furnese gained profit by receiving and acting upon information about his environment, prior to his competitors.

In a 1958 published article, IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn define and used the business intelligence. After that, the Business intelligence is understood and evolved from the decision support systems (DSS) that began in the 1960s and developed throughout the mid-1980s even spread out to the countries like Holland, Flanders, France, and Germany.

In 1989, Howard Dresner who is Gartner analysts advised about business intelligence as an umbrella term to describe the concepts and methods to enhance the business decision making by using fact-based support systems and in the 1990s the BI usage was widespread to all over the world.

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Business Intelligence in 20's

The dawn of 2000 is the biggest turning point in various industries, the technologies such as real-time processing that allows many types of enterprises to make decisions based on the most recent information available. More and more companies were started to comprehend the true value of the business intelligence which could help them to succeed in business.

The agility and speed of the mid and after-2000s business intelligence have been undergone an intense refining process and developed into a most advanced one. This developed intelligence techniques ultimately meant that employees could access more than a static report, and as dashboards grew in popularity, users were able to quickly access the data to help make better-informed business decisions easily through business intelligence tool.

Comparison of BI

In early days of data warehouse and BI, doing the simple analysis where the reporting from data warehouse was the first infant step of BI. But quickly developed many possibilities with BI. Some of the recently discovered functionalities include

  • Graphical visualization of business results.
  • Simplify big data and analytics.
  • Search driven analytics and natural language analytics method.
  • Real-time visualize and user-friendliness.
  • Easy to analyze from millions of data.

Traditional vs. Modern BI

Traditional BI is the use of a data warehouse (DWH), utilizing a relational database (SQL, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL) consisting of tables and indices

The traditional BI is slow, rigid and a time-consuming which places a great burn on IT. Perhaps when no other choice it has made the business folks invest in these tools, but in today’s world, the business intelligence has changed the whole world. In the past, there was a call for a tool dedicated to working with structured data culled from a single source but today’s business world is quite different from olden periods. Most enterprises needed to be more strategic about how they access information in real time and for this purpose, flexible, simple-to-use self-service tools are best where most of the business folks were relying on that.

Nowadays, Tool specification was expanding self-service options and improves visualization which possesses the most crucial traits of the next frontier of BI evolution.

The BI tools in present were often designed with a very specific industry in mind, whether for retail, finance, healthcare or even professional sports this growth of the industry has been reshaped with modern business intelligence tools and also increased adoption of business intelligence in many other industries too. The Business intelligence tool connects directly to the database and each process is performed easy as needed, with the most advanced feature. Any good Business Intelligence tool can work with many databases will be perfect for performing simple, efficient and queries that give a fast result as the user search expression.

The other important aspect of choosing the current intelligence tool is because of big data revolution and explosion of the every organization with more data than olden days that are very difficult to analyze it. Each person and industries develops increasingly huge amounts of information. Over 200 million emails are sent per minute.

So that most enterprises were required even more great analytics and visualization tools with a more advanced feature to actionably make sense of it.

Self-service BI

The Self-Service Visualization tools have begun to evolve to include the end-user even more. More Business platforms empowered their business sales and identified the business KPI easily and one of the most significant features is that users to complete self-service access, meaning that they could explore and utilize their data on their own, without training or dependence on IT team.

Business users are often unaware of the complexities of data preparation and the risks involved in getting it wrong with the use of traditional tools but the current Self-service Business intelligence has become more flexible and easy to use for various industries to track their current KPI of business.

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The recent business intelligence tools is a next architecture platform which offer user-friendly, intuitive and the most interactive visualization that allows users to access or extend all types of data sources compared to traditional BI.

In most solutions, the business intelligence tools were good to provide the accuracy and scalability at any time from anywhere especially it reduce the 90% of report backlogs.

From the first period to till now Business intelligence tools have evolved the state of intelligence. No more drowning in data with the assist of modern BI methods, as the business becomes the best positioned with speed and confidence to regularly make transformative, data-driven decisions in a most informed way with today's BI tools. Welcome to the next generation of Search Based BI tool to get always updated with your business.

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