Embedded Analytics To Empower Your Organizations With Powerful Functionalities

Embedded Analytics To Empower Your Organizations With Powerful Functionalities

The data visualization is found in everywhere Whether it's sales performance, marketing, manufacturing, healthcare or HR the data visualization has been spread all over in maximum industries which has been made easy with intelligence BI solution so that everyone can quickly access your analytics across any industries and avoid the common bottlenecks with BI tools.

The increase of organizations and individuals understanding the significance of using data to enhance different aspects of their business, the intelligence to offer a powerful data analytics and BI feature within your existing portal can give your product the competitive edge that it needs and greatly enhance the value you offer to customers and also enhance your analytical experience without the dependence on others.

Business intelligence has been changed and so should you? Learn why you need embedded analytics and get an edge on the competition.

Common Capabilities of Business Intelligence Solution

  1. Track the business performance to display the results in graphs and charts.
  2. Turn complex data sets to actionable intelligence to make accurate business decisions.
  3. Uncover interesting, previously unknown facts, trends, and patterns of your business.
  4. Helps to compare the business performance metrics on past and current years.
  5. Self-service analytics that enables users ask their own questions of the data and get answers immediately.

Why Embedded Analytics?

Today’s data discovery tools are much good-looking and powerful, but they tend to be standalone applications. The Embedded analytics gives wide variety of functionalities for your business so, users can work easier and more smarter in the applications they use every day. When visualizations capabilities are embedded well, they appear to be seamlessly integrated into the application. Easily modify and extend functionality to suit your business needs. A great analytic platforms that minimise staffing, headcount, and resource needs to support your embedded analytic products and analyze with your own.

How embedded analytics is different than other BI methods?

The embedded is different than other business intelligence methods and techniques. Companies with traditional business intelligence solutions was find quite difficult because business executives or managers have to leave their portal or WebPages and switch into another platform to find or discover out how they are doing. Traditional BI methods and business process applications have entirely separate interfaces, so the users find themselves switching between multiple applications to find the information they need to access or to determine what actions to take. Instead, the embedded analytics solution puts all business intelligence inside the applications where business folks use every day to enhance the analytics capabilities and make users more beneficial by combining direct insight and action in the same application.

Embedded analytics vary from their standalone analytics counterparts in that, rather than requiring crucial development time and being affable only within an analytics silo that must be approached independently, they are quick and economical to develop and can be inserted into virtually any other application.

Unlimited Possibilities

Generally embed allows you to take the storyboard, charts, dashboard, etc. into your own application, portal or webpage. Search, share, discover and analyze data within your application.

Embedded dashboards let you build an interactive reports, multiple charts into a single page within your application. In this situation the dashboard is directly embedded and integrated as part of your page to visualize the data.

Embedded charts allows you to display the chart and any text or figures on separate pages. Embed any of the charts into your own webpage or application with white-labeled version.

"New trends in embed analytics is Embedded Search Bar"

The embedded search bar is infused into any application to analyze the searched data and to get the required results instantly through embedded search analytics feature. This search bar allow you to type the queries within your application and gives auto-suggestions while you type. A new way of analytics platform to make the stress-free analyze on your portal.

Get your business analysis and deeper insights more pervasive for your custom, in internal built applications, also improve your business brand and the most customer relationships with embedded search driven analytics. Make an faster embed analytics as simple with Roosboard and get right within your application, webpage or Internet of things platform. This Flexible application provides self-service reporting capabilities a standard feature of your product. This design toolset makes 100% custom analytics user experiences possible and friendly.

Dashboard To Improve Your Business

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